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GHD's Latest Graduates!

GHD's 2016 Graduate Cohort in Melbourne today received their testamurs in the BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Managment Practice!

With strong completion numbers, and strong interpersonal bonds forged over a 2-year Graduate Development Program, these young professionals are set to take on 2018 with an outstanding professional qualification, to match their tertiary credential, and to complement their technical skills.

This excellent result can be squarely attributed to the hard work and dedication of these graduates, and also to the genuine and sustained workplace engagement and support offered by GHD.

As with cohorts in the passed, we have been able to observe a strong correlation between support and engagement on the business side, and the quality of work produced and rate of successful completions.  Special thanks goes out to all of the Workplace Project Mentors who really pitched in for their graduates!