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Latest Graduates: Wood BNE!

Congratulations to our latest successful Cohort of Graduates in the BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice - professional staff at Wood in Brisbane.
This was our 10th and final Cohort in the first roll-out of the signature and highly successful Leading from the Front Program.
Leading from the Front was developed and delivered in close consultation and partnership with Wood, to meet the key strategic objective of improving the company's Leadership and Management Culture.
Delivering to Wood sites across Australia over the last 3 years, we have certainly achieved this and more - building a genuine Community of Practice around Project Management excellence.
One of the lasting legacies of the Leading from the Front Program is achievement of a BSB41515 Certificate in Project Management Practice by the great majority of our attendees.
This program and the qualification have received unparalleled support from all levels of Wood management - and they have produced incredible results.
Through integrated, workplace learning, our students have completed Action Learning Projects - which in themselves have delivered critical safety improvements, as well as cost savings and measurable increases to revenue, projected to run to several millions of dollars over the next three years.
At TechKnowledgey, we love a WIN, WIN, WIN!
Always a wonderful experience to work with Wood.