Happy student satisfied studentsHere is a little taster and sample of what some of our clients and students think of training with us.

Client Testimonials

'TechKnowledgey have delivered outstanding training services for our Graduate Development program since 2010. Over the last few years these training programs have also been offered to non-graduate employees and the response has been excellent. The TechKnowledgey team are exceptional to work with, their professionalism and response to our organisational, individual and developmental needs are second to none. We would highly recommend them to any business.'

Janine Hurley, Learning & Development Consultant, SA Power Networks, [May 2017]

‘TechKnowledgey has been a key component of our Graduate Development Program since 2006, offering targeted programs for our future leaders.  The facilitators have a comprehensive understanding of our business and have built a great rapport with our graduates.  Apart from assisting with graduate development, TechKnowledgey has also delivered other courses for more experienced engineers, and we have found them to be very flexible in developing programs that aren’t ‘out of the box’.

The course material is first class and - along with responsiveness to our needs - makes TechKnowledgey our preferred training supplier.’

Sandro Tozzi, Organisational Capability Advisor, Wood Group, [May 2017]

‘If you were to ask me about TechKnowledgey and why I use them for much of our internal training, I would simply say "because they are good at what they do".  In the world of skills and capability development, good means providing great facilitators - every time.  It means providing course materials that participants take back to their desks - and use.  Good means knowing that if my needs change, TechKnowledgey will be able and willing to respond.  Consistency, integrity, credibility and quality would also make up the conversation - they're just good at it.’

Margaret Collins, Learning & Development Consultant, GHD [June, 2011]

‘TechKnowledgey is our preferred training provider for our Graduate program, delivering 9 out of the 12 modules we offer.

Tor Hansen has been our main facilitator for these modules for the past 3 to 4 years, and we have always had extremely positive feedback on the course structure, content and organisation.  Tor has developed a good rapport with the Graduates and has a clear understanding of our Company and the training requirements of our industry, therefore tailoring the training to make it meaningful and relevant.  Comments we have received about Tor's training relate to his professional training style, high level of knowledge of the subject matter and his interaction with the group.  Overall, he is an excellent facilitator.

TechKnowledgey's responsiveness to our training requirements and flexibility – along with the well-organised behind the scenes administration of the courses – has created a seamless process for us in the co-ordination of our Graduate training program.’

Terri Marshall, Group Learning & Development Co-ordinator, McConnell Dowell [June, 2011]

Student Testimonials

Happy student satisfied studentsCourse: Document Writing Essentials

‘One of the best training sessions I’ve attended and exceeded my expectations.’

Document Writing Essentials, Cate, Perth, May 2017

‘Excellent presentation, and covered lots of useful info.  Thank you!’

Document Writing Essentials, Sam, Melbourne, April 2017

‘Very good course, facilitator was excellent.’

Document Writing Essentials, Anonymous, Adelaide, February 2017

‘Made potentially technical subject matter very interesting.  Great public speaker and presentation skills’

Document Writing Essentials, Anonymous, Adelaide, February 2017

‘Very professional and approachable.’

Document Writing Essentials, Anonymous, Perth, December 2016

‘Great session.’

Document Writing Essentials, Boris, Perth, December 2016

‘Very good.  Re-inspired me to engage with the written word.  Thanks.’

Document Writing Essentials, Antoine, Perth, December 2016

‘Fantastic presentation/training.  Very engaging, with plenty of ‘hands on’ exercises.’

Document Writing Essentials, Brisbane, Karl, November 2016

‘Really enjoyed the session, and will definitely refer back to the training material.  Facilitator was great.’

Document Writing Essentials, Brisbane, Mandy, November 2016

‘Relevant, well-spoken.’

Document Writing Essentials, Brisbane, Sidhi, November 2016

‘Very useful, learned relevant techniques for everyday use.’

Document Writing Essentials, Brisbane, Mai Lin, November 2016

‘Very informative.  Facilitator made a comfortable environment to ask questions, and answered all queries.’

Document Writing Essentials, Sydney, Agatha, November 2016

‘Fantastic course.  Will definitely use what I was shown from now on.’

Document Writing Essentials, Sydney, Tim, November 2016

‘Great thanks, especially the grammar and spelling section.’

Document Writing Essentials, Sydney, Marianna, November 2016

‘These topics can be very difficult to teach effectively to groups with varying background levels.  Facilitator did this brilliantly – I’m really impressed.  Thanks!’

Document Writing Essentials, Melbourne, Travis, October 2016

And more comments for Document Writing Essentials!!!....
  • ‘Very useful.’
  • ‘Facilitator was great – friendly and engaging.  Thanks!’
  • ‘Facilitator was excellent and very approachable.’
  • ‘Very good at explaining concepts and making the session interactive.’
  • ‘The content was very useful.’
  • ‘Very well organised.  Easy, friendly facilitator.’
  • ‘Excellent presentation.  Grammar section useful for everyone.’
  • ‘Well organised, well paced, great tone of voice.’
  • ‘Training was highly useful and very relevant.’
  • ‘I will use the standard methods outlined in the training book when I am next involved in a project, and in my next report.’
  • ‘I will use these skills in my report writing and emailing, as well as structured writing.’
  • ‘Facilitator was great – friendly and very engaging.’
  • ‘This course will help me to write more efficient emails.  It will also assist in writing geotechnical design and research reports.’
  • ‘The facilitator was excellent, very approachable and helpful.  I will use the skills I have learned when writing reports and emails.’
  • ‘I will now be able to write better emails and reports.’
  • ‘I will use these skills to help structure my reports and emails.’
  • ‘These skills can be used in communicating with clients and colleagues in appropriate and formal manners.  Essential grammar techniques for editing and reviewing.’
  • ‘Facilitator related well with audience.  I will use these skills to write more concise documents.’
  • ‘I will use my learning with all documents and correspondence.  The reference guide will be useful in the future.  All employees should do this course (especially the grammar section).’
  • ‘Enthusiastic facilitator, relevant information conveyed, great tone.  I found the points regarding grammar and email writing particularly useful.’
  • 'Very relevant to report writing – learned many new things on the course.’
  • ‘Great day, thank you.’
  • ’10 out of 10 across the board.  The course was great.  The facilitator was well spoken and enthusiastic.’
  • ‘Great day, facilitator was excellent.’
  • ‘Very good facilitator – knows the subject very well.’
  • ‘Excellent facilitator, very enthusiastic and explains issues very clearly.’
  • ‘Facilitator was fantastic.  He provided very useful example stories to aid participants to understand the content.  Thank you!’
  • ‘The booklet will be very useful to keep for future reference, especially the grammar section.’
  • ‘Very much enjoyed this course.  Facilitator was clear and very knowledgeable.  Loved the interaction, and would be very interested in learning more in this area.  Extremely relevant to my role.’
  • ‘Very informative.  Most engaging course I have been on.’
  • ‘One of the better course I’ve attended.  Relevant and to the point.  Thanks.’
  • ‘Useful course, especially to see what not to do!’
  • ‘Great to have participated; hope to do so again.’
  • ‘Valuable and pleasurable.’
  • ‘Excellent.  Thank you.’
  • ‘Enriching course and informative.’
  • ‘Interesting facilitator.  Shared a lot of enthusiasm in the topics and discussions.’
  • ‘Very informative.  Great presenter.  Easy to listen to and maintained interest.’

  • ‘Thanks for the very interesting session.’

    ‘Thank you for your efforts, and helping us to raise our writing standards.’


Course: Advanced Document Writing

‘Fantastic presentation for what could have been very challenging material.  Great use of examples.’

Advanced Document Writing, Alp, Sydney, February 2017

‘Enjoyed the course, and gained a better focus on structure and reviewing in report writing.’

Advanced Document Writing, Bernadette, Sydney, February 2017

‘A good and worthwhile course.  Thank you.’

Advanced Document Writing, Ula, Sydney, February 2017

‘Section on Executive Summaries was very useful.’

Advanced Document Writing, Norton, Melbourne, February 2017

‘Facilitator obviously very knowledgeable.’

Advanced Document Writing, Belle, Melbourne, February 2017


Course: The New Manager happy student workplace training

‘Very interesting course, well presented and very applicable to future career.’

The New Manager, David, Adelaide, February 2017

‘Excellent course.’

The New Manager, Jidav, Melbourne, November, 2016

‘Great course, well presented.  I learned heaps, and will be implementing in work situations.’

The New Manager, Simon, Brisbane,  October 2016

‘Excellent course, enjoyed attending.’

The New Manager, Kayla, Brisbane, October 2016


Course: Client Relationship Management

‘Well structured and interactive.  One of the better courses I have done.’

Client Relationship Management, Adam, Melbourne, October 2016

‘Very interesting.  I hope to successfully apply these techniques to my work.’

Client Relationship Management, Kenan, Melbourne, October 2016

‘I really enjoyed the day.’

Client Relationship Management, Gavin, Adelaide, September 2016


Client Relationship Management, Steve, Adelaide, September 2016

‘I will be able to understand more regarding clients’ needs, and deliver my projects to satisfy those needs.’

Client Relationship Management, Amy, Adelaide, September 2016

‘Directly relevant.’

Client Relationship Management, Perth, September 2016

‘We learned how to communicate with clients, and determine their needs and strategies to meet them.  We gained a better understanding of clients overall.’

Client Relationship Management, Mehmet, Perth, September 2016

‘I learned how to make better use of client meetings.’

Client Relationship Management, Zaid, Perth, September 2016

‘I will use the skills we developed in responding to Requests for Tender, and in client liaison.’

Client Relationship Management, Wei Minn, Perth, September 2016

And more for Client Relationship Management....
  • ‘Very well presented.  Facilitator demonstrated a very good knowledge of the topic.  Some very useful tools.’
  • ‘Great instructor, and used very relevant examples.  Thank you.’
  • ‘Very practically-orientated tools.’


Course: Presenting for Results

‘Really enjoyed facilitator’s sharing of knowledge, explanations and discussions.  Thought he listened really well and actively to everybody.  Felt he took a real interest.  Nice work.’

Presenting for Results, Christina, Melbourne, May 2017

‘Great course material.  Will be very useful to my role.  Thanks.’

Presenting for Results, Sandra, Melbourne, May 2017

‘Informative, constructive and valuable.  Thanks very much!’

Presenting for Results, Raif, Adelaide, April 2017

‘An excellent training session.  Feel as though I achieved an improvement in presentation skills, and identified my areas for improvement.’

Presenting for Results, Patrick, Adelaide, April 2017

‘Great course!’

Presenting for Results, Ridhi, Brisbane, February 2017

‘Amazing presenter.’

Presenting for Results, Tom, Brisbane, February 2017

‘The consolidation example was very useful and effective in reinforcing ideas and concepts.’

Presenting for Results, Alice, Brisbane, February 2017

‘One of the best – if not the best – course I’ve ever attended.’

Presenting for Results, Matteo, December 2016


Course: Project Management Essentials

‘I really enjoyed the past 2 days!’

Project Management Essentials, Kerim, Melbourne, May 2017

‘Training courses by TechKnowledgey are always engaging and interesting.’

Project Management Essentials, Alicia, Melbourne, May 2017

‘Great course!’

Project Management Essentials, Anonymous, May 2017

‘Enjoyable and interesting material.’

Project Management Essentials, Alfred, Adelaide, March 2017

‘A well planned and presented course.  Stimulated my interest in the topic.’

Project Management Essentials, Sigourney, Adelaide, March 2017

‘Excellent work.  Well presented, excellent course material.’

Project Management Essentials, Liu, Brisbane, February 2017

‘Worthwhile course!’

Project Management Essentials, Monty, Brisbane, February 2017


Project Management Essentials, Ali, Perth, February 2017



Course: Change and the Learning Organisation

‘We came out with some very nice ideas for changes to help civil projects develop further.’

Change and the Learning Organisation, Cameron, Sydney, April 2017

‘I will use today’s training to help further develop the service group I work in.’

Change and the Learning Organisation, Anna, Sydney, April 2017

‘I learned the change process model, and how to recognise the pitfalls – and when to expect them!’

Change and the Learning Organisation, Lauren, Sydney, April 2017

‘Great group activity.’

Change and the Learning Organisation, Phil, Sydney, April 2017

‘Well presented, excellent work.’

Change & The Learning Organisation,



Course: Working Across Cultures

  • ‘Very well structured for promoting discussion and interaction.  Great facilitator.’
  • ‘Very vibrant and entertaining.  Keeps the session running, and interesting to all participants.  Great insight into multiculturalism, and issues to be aware of from now on.’
  • ‘Thanks – informative and relevant.’
  • ‘Facilitator did a really good job of encouraging interaction.’
  • ‘Facilitator was superb, and would highly recommend for any training program.  One of the best facilitators I’ve seen.’
  • ‘Very interactive.’
  • ‘Thank you!!’
  • ‘Overall very interesting.  The knowledge I took from this I will surely use in my work.  Thanks!’
  • ‘Facilitator was fantastic – thanks for a great training session.’
  • ‘Very informative and interesting.’
  • ‘Excellent presentation.’



Course: Time, Work and You

  • ‘It was a great program in time management.  Really informative and effective.’
  • ‘Very informative and pointed out a lot of things that you wouldn’t have ever thought about.’
  • ’10 out of 10.  Facilitator is very professional in approach and presentation.’
  • ‘I look forward to a better work/life balance through more efficient control of time.’
  • ‘I look forward to implementing what we have learned.’
  • ‘The three main skills learned will be implemented in both work and personal life.  Very effective training.’
  • ‘This will help me to manage my own time effectively as well as my teams in the future.’


Course: Essential Negotiation Skills

  • ‘Very useful course and post-course reference material.’
  • ‘The training was broken into 4 sessions.  This is fantastic, as it maximises attention.  The overview is a great addition for quick reference.’
  • ‘Very good, and excellent course.’
  • ‘Good information and good skills.’
  • ‘Gave insight and knowledge about an interesting, important topic.’
  • ‘Good course – I will definitely use these skills in my performance review!’
  • ‘Good information and good skills.’
  • ‘Gave insight and knowledge about an interesting, important topic.’
  • ‘Good course – I will definitely use these skills in my performance review!’
  • ‘Excellent course.  Will recommend it to others in my team.’
  • ‘Really enjoyable, and very interesting, useful info.’



Course: Manage Workflow & Priorities

  • ‘Topics were clear and concise, enjoyable session.’
  • ‘Was a well run training session.’
  • ‘Another great course, well presented!’
  • ‘Very well presented.  Interesting and relevant.’
  • ‘Facilitator is very good at making the content relevant, and engaging the audience.’
  • ‘The presenter was very knowledgeable, polite and very good with communication.  Had great examples.  Good work!!’
  • ‘It was a lot of fun and very educational.’
  • ‘Very practical methods that are actually easy to implement and consider in day to day work.’
  • ‘Probably one of the most effective facilitators I’ve met, thanks!’
  • ‘A well presented and useful course.’



Course: Assertiveness @ Work

  • ‘Great session.’
  • ‘Great presenter of material.’
  • 'I was really hesitant at first, but this course helped me so much.  I now feel confident to move forward and try different styles of communicating.'
  • 'Lot's of new skills and tips to change the way I already do things.  Great job!'



Course: Business Development Essentials

'Very happy!’

Business Development Essentials, Marine, Sydney. April 2017

'This is such a useful course.  The Facilitator was very knowledgeable and the tools were great.'

Business Development Essentials, Gerry, Sydney. April 2017

'Great day! A good mix of theory and activity.  Was not bored for a second.'

Business Development Essentials, Jasmine, Sydney. April 2017



Course: Creative Problem Solving

‘Very good, knowledgeable presenter.  Thank you.’

Creative Problem Solving, Mathias, Melbourne, March 2017

‘Great tools and concepts! Made me look at things differently.'

Creative Problem Solving, Kerry, Melbourne, March 2017

‘I liked the chance to interact with others.  The class was really engaging.'

Creative Problem Solving, Hugh, Melbourne, March 2017

‘Very good, lively presenter, good materials, and fun day.’

Creative Problem Solving, Xiang, Melbourne, March 2017


Course: Future Leaders

  • ‘Thanks for this course, and the past 3 years of excellent training.’
  • ‘This session is useful for current leaders and managers.’
  • ‘Excellent work.  Well presented, excellent course materials, and very well adapted to class size.’



Financial Concepts for Managers

  • ‘Great facilitator.’
  • ‘Great job!’
  • ‘Course overall very good.’
  • ‘Looking forward to some follow-up training!’
  • ‘Very well received – enjoyable, and well worth while.’


Course: Running Effective Meetings

  • ‘Very good course.  Well done!  Will definitely use the content to conduct effective meetings in the future.  Thanks!’

Running Effective Meetings, Bruce, Melbourne, February 2017

  • Loved it!  What a great day.  Full of activities and interesting tips.

Running Effective Meetings, Carlos, Melbourne, February 2017

  • ‘Very good course.  The Facilitator was super knowledgeable and course was well designed.

Running Effective Meetings, Brooke, Melbourne, February 2017