RPL Process

Recognition of Prior Learning is available and all students are offered the opportunity to participate in RPL upon enrolment.

1.     Recognition of Prior Learning is recommended as an option where individuals have been working in a relevant job role for at least 2 years.

2.     A streamlined RPL process has been developed which requires the student to make a self-assessment of their skills, participate in an interview with an assessor, provide documentary evidence and demonstrate practical skills where relevant.  This process involves:

3.     The candidate expresses their interest in RPL and discusses their suitability with TechKnowledgey Pty Ltd If suitable, they are sent a Candidate Kit.

4.     Candidate completes the RPL Candidate Kit to confirm they are able to provide required evidence for RPL and then if they wish to progress their application, fills in the application form provided in the kit and returns it to TechKnowledgey Pty Ltd.

5.     The application is reviewed for suitability.

6.     If suitability is confirmed, the candidate is enrolled.

7.     The assessor then makes arrangements to meet with the candidate to conduct the first interview and begins assessing skills and knowledge using the RPL Assessor Kit. An evidence plan is developed during this meeting.

8.     The assessor then contacts professional referees to confirm the candidate’s skills, work experience and knowledge, and records findings in the RPL Assessor Kit

9.     The assessor conducts further interviews and practical assessments as required.

10.  The student has the Third Party Kit completed as part of their evidence where possible.

11.  A decision is made about whether RPL will be granted for each unit and this is recorded in the Assessor’s Kit.

12.  Arrangements for gap training are made if required

Feedback is collected from each candidate in relation to the RPL process.

RPL Tools

There are three tools used to form assessment decisions for each RPL Enrolment. They are:

  • The RPL Candidate Kit – to be completed by the student
  • The RPL Assessor’s Kit  - to be completed by TechKnowledgey Pty Ltd ’s trainer/assessor
  • The RPL Third Party Kit to be completed by relevant third parties who can confirm the candidate’s skills and knowledge