Accessibility in Documents: Working with InDesign and Acrobat

Accessible documents ensure that everyone is able to access your content. It begins with an awareness of the diverse range of needs across your audience, and requires specific skills to plan and create content with accessibility in mind. Accessibility in electronic documents is a legal requirement for Australian Government Agencies - and many of the organisations which work with and for them. This course delivers the skills to meet your compliance obligations, and communication goals.

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Follow best-practice workflows with InDesign, to optimise the accessibility of your workplace documents.
  • Use InDesign to set up object identification, order and hierarchy.
  • Follow best-practice workflows in Acrobat to optimise the accessibility of your documents, for publication and user access.
  • Use Acrobat to add content-specific information and test accessibility.


All learning is completed online - in your own time, and at your own pace.


Assessment consists of:

  • Short Test Your Knowledge Quizzes, completed at the end of each Step; and
  • Skills Check Consolidation Activity -
    • improve accessibility with one of your own long workplace documents; and
    • submit your work and Accessibilty Check report for feedback by one of our specialist consultants!

Credential Earned

You will be issued with a Digital Credential on successful completion, attesting to:

  • your skills development; and
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points awarded.

Resource Requirements

  • Computer with reliable internet connection.
  • Current browser (preferably other than IE or MS Edge). 
  • Adobe InDesign, current version.
  • Adobe Acrobat, current version .
  • For best results students should have a subscription or access to the Creative Cloud All Apps plan (includes InDesign / Acrobat / Illustrator / PhotoShop) .
  • Example long document, containing graphics or images.

Additional Resources Provided

  • InDesign Accessibility Checklist 
  • Acrobat Accessibility Checklist 
  • Accessibility Project Checklist

4 CPD points, awarded on successful completion.

Duration: 4 hours of CPD learning.

(3 months of LMS access provided, to complete and review the Course.)

Cost: $299.00 inc. GST

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