Computer Based Training Courses

Why We Developed Computer Based Training (CBT)

Computer based trainingComputer based training (CBT) refers to computer based learning programs which are taught via computers and laptops. These training programs can be installed on single computers, on several computers, over an intranet, or via online learning portals which can be accessed through the internet/cloud. These computer applications can be used to teach a wide range of subjects and topics. This enables companies and their employees to learn new things and expand their knowledge in their chosen area.

The student learns via a computer application which acts as a learning platform, imparting skills and knowledge to the user while testing them on the knowledge that they have learnt. As the CBT student learns more about their specific subject, they may often progress to new stages in the learning platform. This provides them with access to more knowledge and facts about their subject while encouraging further development.

There are many subjects which can be taught through computer based training programs, such as teaching people to use a computer application. At TechKnowledgey, we focus on Microsoft products such as MS Excel and MS Project, and Adobe products such as InDesign and Captivate. Computer based training software is perfect for teaching people how to use specific software – they’re already on the computer and ready to go.

We chose to develop CBT because we saw the impact that it can have on the productivity of a workplace. Whether it’s through online learning platforms or training programs loaded onto a single computer, a student learns to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge, and become an all-around more productive worker for their employee. As people become more and more comfortable with computers, employers are continually embracing computer based training methods in order to train their staff.

How Computer Based Training helps employees

Web-based training and computer training platforms also help employees to improve their confidence and skills without feeling self-conscious about doing so. A classroom or training environment can be an intimidating environment, where certain students may feel embarrassed to ask certain questions in case they ‘look stupid’ in front of their colleagues. In contrast, with computer based training programs, the student learns without judgement – they can go over any information which they haven’t quite grasped, ensuring a thorough education on the subject.

Computer based training (CBT) is currently a major part of the digital zeitgeist, with many companies employing CBT specialists to help them train their staff effectively. However, computer based training software has been around since the 1960s, when World War II veterans were given free university-level education and the administrators suddenly had to devise systems for educating large numbers of people. By the 1980s, computer based training software was relatively common, although it was nowhere as advanced as today. In the 1990s, the internet began to grow in popularity, leading to the online learning platforms and web based training programs that we know today.

These days, most web based training has moved onto the Cloud. This enables students to learn from anywhere using any device. For example, an employee can easily revisit aspects of their training via their smartphone on their commute. This helps people to acquire knowledge at their own pace. Web based training software is in these ways more versatile and helpful than ever before. This has helped employees to be more knowledgeable, more confident, and more competent in their roles.

Why not educate your employees with computer based training (CBT) from TechKnowledgey? We provide a wide range of courses in various subjects. Our team uses the very best online learning platforms to improve the expertise of your workers. Computer based training is taking the world by storm. Top-ranking companies embrace these CBT platforms to train their staff. Be sure to remain ahead of the curve and train your staff with a cutting-edge training program today.